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The first time I ever spoke to your mister, he had called me to arrange a discount for you to a Scrapbook Clubhouse retreat that you wouldn't have been able to attend without a break. I thought he was the sweetest guy in the world then--and with one notable exception, I still think that.

emily hope

a brand new car!!???! what? how amazing for you! and i like that your husband was shiny :) i think we need pics of your new ride.

oh, and it's a different gary chapman - sorry, i know it's much less dramatic. booor-ing. http://www.5lovelanguages.com/about-gary-chapman/

aaaand, for the record, so not a fan of either (amy grant or the book).


that is amazing jess. i agree with you about the language of love being somewhat hokey. each couple speaks their own language, and it sounds like you guys have no 'communication' problems in that department! Viva L'amore!

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